Source code for kittycad.models.output_format

from typing import Literal, Union

from pydantic import BaseModel, Field, RootModel
from typing_extensions import Annotated

from ..models.fbx_storage import FbxStorage
from ..models.gltf_presentation import GltfPresentation
from ..models.gltf_storage import GltfStorage
from ..models.ply_storage import PlyStorage
from ..models.selection import Selection
from ..models.stl_storage import StlStorage
from ..models.system import System
from ..models.unit_length import UnitLength

[docs]class fbx(BaseModel): """Autodesk Filmbox (FBX) format.""" storage: FbxStorage type: Literal["fbx"] = "fbx"
[docs]class gltf(BaseModel): """glTF 2.0. We refer to this as glTF since that is how our customers refer to it, although by default it will be in binary format and thus technically (glb). If you prefer ascii output, you can set that option for the export.""" presentation: GltfPresentation storage: GltfStorage type: Literal["gltf"] = "gltf"
[docs]class obj(BaseModel): """Wavefront OBJ format.""" coords: System type: Literal["obj"] = "obj" units: UnitLength
[docs]class ply(BaseModel): """The PLY Polygon File Format.""" coords: System selection: Selection storage: PlyStorage type: Literal["ply"] = "ply" units: UnitLength
[docs]class step(BaseModel): """ISO 10303-21 (STEP) format.""" coords: System type: Literal["step"] = "step"
[docs]class stl(BaseModel): """*ST**ereo**L**ithography format.""" coords: System selection: Selection storage: StlStorage type: Literal["stl"] = "stl" units: UnitLength
OutputFormat = RootModel[ Annotated[ Union[ fbx, gltf, obj, ply, step, stl, ], Field(discriminator="type"), ] ]