The type of Curve (embedded within path)

class kittycad.models.curve_type.CurveType(value)[source][source]

The type of Curve (embedded within path)

ARC = 'arc'[source]
LINE = 'line'[source]
NURBS = 'nurbs'[source]
__dict__ = mappingproxy({'_generate_next_value_': <function Enum._generate_next_value_>, '__module__': 'kittycad.models.curve_type', '__doc__': 'The type of Curve (embedded within path)', '__str__': <function CurveType.__str__>, '__dict__': <attribute '__dict__' of 'CurveType' objects>, '__weakref__': <attribute '__weakref__' of 'CurveType' objects>, '_member_names_': ['LINE', 'ARC', 'NURBS'], '_member_map_': {'LINE': <CurveType.LINE: 'line'>, 'ARC': <CurveType.ARC: 'arc'>, 'NURBS': <CurveType.NURBS: 'nurbs'>}, '_member_type_': <class 'str'>, '_value2member_map_': {'line': <CurveType.LINE: 'line'>, 'arc': <CurveType.ARC: 'arc'>, 'nurbs': <CurveType.NURBS: 'nurbs'>}, 'LINE': <CurveType.LINE: 'line'>, 'ARC': <CurveType.ARC: 'arc'>, 'NURBS': <CurveType.NURBS: 'nurbs'>, '__repr__': <function Enum.__repr__>, '__format__': <function Enum.__format__>, '__new__': <function Enum.__new__>, '__annotations__': {}})[source]
__module__ = 'kittycad.models.curve_type'[source]
_generate_next_value_(start, count, last_values)[source]

Generate the next value when not given.

name: the name of the member start: the initial start value or None count: the number of existing members last_value: the last value assigned or None

_member_map_ = {'ARC': CurveType.ARC, 'LINE': CurveType.LINE, 'NURBS': CurveType.NURBS}[source]
_member_names_ = ['LINE', 'ARC', 'NURBS'][source]

alias of str

_value2member_map_ = {'arc': CurveType.ARC, 'line': CurveType.LINE, 'nurbs': CurveType.NURBS}[source]